Reviews from our satisfied customers who brought their TV outdoors

MediaLifTV Outdoor TV Small Trolley on Deck brings TV Outdoors.

Sharon’s MediaLifTV outdoors


I was in search of a solution for watching TV outdoors. We did not want to permanently mount a  TV outdoors under our pavilion area. We have such a beautiful view of our pool below and the forest behind our house. Our friend had seen the MediaLifTV online and as soon as I saw that we could keep a TV outdoors in a secure weatherproof enclosure I ordered it right away! Jim the owner at MediaLifTV as SO helpful and supportive discussing options and worked with our Home Automation specialist to get everything completed. I am extremely happy with our purchase and wish everyone in the MediaLifTV family much success with a very cool product line!

Sharon B.
Cheshire, CT

Getting MediaLiftV added an entire room to my house. In less than 30 minutes one of my decks became outdoor Media Room. The MediaLiftV is on wheels and wireless, so when my buddies show up, I just roll it from the lounge area to the bar. Embarrassingly, sometimes I find myself out there pressing the buttons just to watch the TV rise up and down. To say it changed my life is a slight overstatement – but not by much. To say it transformed my house and “street cred” on game days, is an understatement, by a long shot. I highly recommend MediaLiftV to everyone, and love having TV outdoors.
Phill C.
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Jim,
Our MediaLifTV has been a great addition to our backyard. The unit is beautiful and the installation was seamless. It has turned my BBQ area into my own personal sports bar. It’s a great innovative product and love having my TV outdoors. I look forward to football season in my own backyard.
All the best,
Joe L.
Newport Coast, CA

Dear Jim,
Just a note to commend you on MediaLifTV. We had one installed in our Scottsdale home and my wife, Debbie and I have enjoyed many a desert sunset watching football outside. It has been a great asset for our entertaining and gives us another venue to gather around with family and friends. Best of luck – we just love our MediaLifTV! having a TV Outdoors rocks!

Debbie and Gregg K.
Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Jim,
We have put our MediaLifTV to good use. Our MediaLifTV makes great addition to the yard! Thanks again!

Jim M.
New York, NY

We LOVE our MediaLifTV! We’re outside almost every night watching sports! There’s nothing better than cooking on the BBQ and watching the home team play. Our family has never been closer! Thanks MediaLifTV!
Debbie V.
Orange County, CA

Bring TV Outdoors with MediaLifTV Outdoor TV Lift Enclosure. Watch TV outside anywahere!

Debbie’s MediaLifTV outdoors

Dear Jim,
We used our MediaLifTV Quad box at a recent charity event for agendas, sponsor recognition and information about the charity. The MediaLifTV box was beautiful and worked well for the event. We love our MediaLifTV and plan to enjoy the Formula One racing season outside.

Bob and Linda J.
El Segundo, CA

 Dear Jim and Team,
Our MediaLifTV is awesome. My family and I chose the Trolley option for our family. The MediaLifTV Trolley enables us to move the TV wherever we are. We have had some great family game tournaments and have really enjoyed our backyard even more.

Greg E.
Villa Park, CA