Show-U-How Videos

1. Introduction
Now your flat screen TV can be anywhere YOU want it to be…with MediaLifTV.


2. What’s Inside the Box And Required Tools
This segment will show you what’s inside the box with your new MediaLifTV Enclosure and what tools you’ll need for assembly.


3. Installing the MediaLifTV Wall Mount Bracket & the MediaLifTV Enclosure
This segment will show you how to install the MediaLifTV Enclosure Wall Mount Bracket and then install the Enclosure.


4. Mounting a Flat Screen TV to the MediaLifTV Enclosure
In this segment, you’ll see how to mount your flat screen TV to the MediaLifTV Enclosure.


5. Using the Lift Remote Control & Setting the Upper Limit
This segment will show you the basics of using the Remote Control and setting the ipper limit of the MediaLifTV Enclosure lifting mechanism.