product-landscape-large-1Our Rover products allow you the freedom to move your pop-up TV and create media space on the fly. The Floor Stand product can be moved with relative ease, and as long as you’ve got access to power and your cable or satellite connection, you’re good to go here, or there… or over there. Our Trolley Mount Rover is completely moveable: just disconnect collect plugs and cords and go just about wherever you want.

Landscape or Portrait
Most residential clients prefer the Landscape orientation (TV is mounted horizontally). Many business like the Portrait orientation (custom orders at this time). Make sure to choose the preferred selection at our MediaLifTV online store.

The Mounted MediaLifTV comes as three standard sized enclosures: Small and Medium in Landscape orientation. Portrait orientation and Large are custom orders only at this time.

Small Enclosure
Dimensions: 48″W x 9.5″D x 31.5″H
Max TV Size: 45″W x 2.375″D x 25″H

Medium Enclosure
Dimensions: 57″W x 9.5″D x 37″H
Max TV Size: 53.50″W x 2.375″D x 30″H

Large Enclosure (custom orders only at this time)

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