Our Story

MediaLifTV was founded by Jim Carr, a southern California General Contractor by day, tinkerer by night. Jim and Liz Carr were enjoying a summer evening in their “outdoor room” and Liz mused, “We spend so much time out here, I wish we could watch a movie or a game without going inside.” In short order, Jim had built an outdoor multi-media center with the same footprint as a flat screen TV.

But Jim’s invention was more than an outdoor TV. It had a motorized mechanism that lifted and retracted the TV via remote control – (pop-up TV!) He fabricated the enclosure of stainless steel and mounted it to the back of the bar so that when the TV was “put away”, it virtually disappeared into its weatherproof enclosure. Game-changer! And with that, MediaLifTV Outdoor TV was born.

No more running inside to see the scores or the favorite series. News and entertainment on demand when doing chores, gardening, or hanging out in their favorite outdoor space. The MediaLifTV outdoor TV was reliable, sleek, weatherproof, hidden when not in use, easy to use, the center of a game-day gathering or background media for family and kids.

Each time the Carr’s entertained, friends and family saw MediaLifTV and asked the same question: Can I put one in my backyard? So Jim started refining, redesigning (tinkering) and building a few for friends and family.

The inquiries continued and Jim had an opportunity to be an exhibitor at a design tradeshow where the attention was immediate and BIG. Jim reached out to some industry experts who agreed to serve as advisors, and voila – MediaLifTV was founded.

From the very beginning, MediaLifTV was formed with a very simple goal in mind—to help families entertain outdoors, create a mobile solution for tailgate parties and provide mobile media options for businesses on-the-go. We live in a media-rich world where collaboration leads to innovation and entertainment is interactive and mobile.

MediaLifTV Outdoor TV Lift Enclosures. Outdoor living with indoor technology.

From concept, to prototype, to small business, MediaLifTV has grown a lot over these last few years.