FAQ- About Outdoor TV

Why go with the MediaLifTV Outdoor TV Solution?

1. What makes a MediaLifTV different from an outdoor TV?

MediaLifTV provides an outdoor weatherproof enclosure that conceals and protects your TV when not in use.
MediaLifTV is available with a mobile feature and can be moved anywhere you require media.
The mechanism is easy to use and install.

2. What are the top reasons I should choose a MediaLifTV?

The MediaLifTV unit is a sleek and easy-to-use enclosure that will enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces.
The MediaLifTV unit is weatherproof providing a safe environment for your electronics outdoors.
The MediaLifTV unit is available with a Rover (trolley) accessory for mobility to move your media anywhere.
The MediaLifTV Quad unit can be customized with personalized branding. MediaLifTV can provide a referral.

3. Are MediaLifTV units waterproof?

MediaLifTV is weatherproof and rainproof. It cannot be submerged in water.

4. What is the warranty on the MediaLifTV?

MediaLifTV provides a two year warranty.

5. How do I protect the connecting cables from moisture on the MediaLifTV?

The 110 volt power cord is a waterproof connection. The cable cord is protected by a weatherproof seal. All other connections are inside the MediaLifTV weatherproof enclosure. Most audio visual technicians and/or cable companies can run the cable to the MediaLifTV.

6. Does MediaLifTV provide a sound package for outdoor enhanced sound?

Not at this time, but an audiovisual technician can connect your current home or outdoor speaker system to the MediaLifTV.

7. Who sells MediaLifTV?

Please access the MediaLifTV website at www.MediaLifTV.com

8. Is MediaLifTV easy to install?

Yes, the unit is easy to install and complete instructions are included. An informative Show-U-How video is available at www.MediaLifTV.com.

9. How is the MediaLifTV mounted?

MediaLifTV is mounted with a French cleat system. Please refer to the enclosed instruction manual and the online instruction video. The MediaLifTV unit weighs 160 lbs and will need to be lifted onto the French cleats for wall mounting.

10. What colors are available?

The Quad (Rectangle) and Curve (Oval) units are available in powder coat finishes: Iron Glimmer, Mars Rust, and Stealth Black, Galvanized Metal and Stainless Steel
Custom units are available in patina finishes and in additional powder coat colors.
Please contact MediaLifTV at info@MediaLifTV.com for custom unit orders.

11. What is the weight of the MediaLifTV Units?

The MediaLifTV unit weighs 160 pounds without the television.

12. Is the TV included with MediaLifTV?

No, the TV is not included with the MediaLifTV unit.

13. How do I contact MediaLifTV?

17731 Cowan
Irvine, CA 92614

Phone: +1.888.473.0971
Fax: +1.888.473.4979