Digital Installers Showroom Gets the MediaLifTV Treatment

Digital Installers and MediaLifTV bring you outdoor living with indoor technology.

Digital Installers Now Installing MediaLifTV!

High end audio/visual experts from Long Beach, CA, have added MediaLifTV to their impress list of installation options. With work ranging from universal remotes to home theater systems and outdoor systems, Digital Installers does it all. To sweeten things up, they have added something new to their repertoire: outdoor living with indoor technology. With the addition of MediaLifTV’s outdoor TV lift Enclosure, Digital Installers can now install high end HDTVs outdoors.

Digital Installers Showroom MediaLifTV. High End audio/visual experts now installing MLTV!

High End audio/visual experts Digital Installers’ Showroom.
New MediaLifTV installation!

MediaLifTV has worked with Digital Installers to not just bring your indoor technology to outdoor living, but to make outdoor living easier. Together we have been developing an all in one system that allows any MediaLifTV to connect to Digital Installers’ universal remote system. Control everything with just one remote. TV? check. Cable box? Check. Blue-Ray player? check.

Here’s a little blurb on who DI is. “Since 2000, owner Rusty Deeble’s passion and unyielding pursuit of exceeding customer expectations has made Digital Installers Inc. a Southern California leader in audio/video design and implementation. When you combine the experience, product knowledge and our genuine excitement for what we do, you will not only be in good hands, but you will truly enjoy working with us. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail, our integrity as a company, and our ability to go above and beyond our competitors. We are confident that we are the best company for any job in the field.”

Thinking about bringing some outdoor TV into your life? Visit their website HERE and learn about your outdoor living options. Want more information on MediaLifTV? Head to our contact us section and give us a ring today!


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