MediaLifTV Weatherproof TV Enclosures

Weatherproof TV Enclosure

Keep Your TV Safe & Secure
MediaLifTV® is the perfect weatherproof container for keeping your television outside. Available in multiple sizes and mounting options to fit anyone's needs.


How Does a Weatherproof TV Enclosure Work?

MedaiLifTV® is a weatherproof TV enclosure that lets you watch TV outdoors. MediaLifTV comes in both a wall mounted and a freestanding version.


  • Front-Mount* – attaches behind a wall, bar, or other concealing feature via a front-mount bracket on the front of the unit
  • Rear-Mount* – attaches on the face of a wall, fireplace or other highly visible feature via a rear-mount bracket on the rear of the unit
  • Small, Medium, (both Landscape and Portrait) and Large (Custom-order only at this time).


  • Floor Stand – built to stand on the floor or ground
  • Trolley-Mount – like our floor stand model, but with wheels
  • Small, Medium, (both Landscape and Portrait) and Large (Custom-order only at this time).
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Complete Your Outdoor Room With a WeatherProof TV Enclosure!

If you’re like us, you love being out in the fresh air. So you’ve designed an “outdoor room” where you and your family socialize, entertain, share meals, and enjoy life. Wouldn’t it be great to have your flat screen TV, cable or satellite, Internet, and game boxes out there with you? A MediaLifTV® weatherproof TV enclosure is the coolest way to have that last piece of “civilized living” right where you want it.